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STUNNING evidence from BBC journalist exposing White Helmets staging chemical attacks in Douma

BBC journalist is confronted after deleting tweet calling chemical attacks in Syria “staged” scenes.

The Army of Islam and the ISIS PR White Helmets, that POTUS Trump is about to provide air cover for in Syria, have been caught staging corpses of dead children in Douma.

A BBC journalist expressed skepticism about an alleged chemical attack in Syria that the Trump White House has, without evidence, blamed on Bashar Assad.

The BBC journalist tweeted that he was tired of “staged” scenes before deleting the post.

Via The Gateway Pundit

The same Syrian rebels who claimed the Assad Government dropped chemical bombs on innocents in Douma were caught using dead children to play on Western emotions.

BBC reporter Riam Dalati tweeted: “Sick and Tired of activists and rebels using corpses of dead children to stage emotive scenes for Western consumption.”

Dalati later deleted his tweet!

Here is former army officer, Scotland Yard detective and counter terrorism intelligence officer, Charles Shoebridge holding BBC reporter Riam Dalati’s feet to the fire in a blistering series of tweets…

Yesterday a BBC journalist (see above) posted a rare admission that #Syria rebels & activists are manipulating photos of dead #Douma children for western media propaganda purposes. Today the BBC journalist has deleted his tweet but, for the record, a screen shot of it is here

Not only did Dalati later delete the tweet exposing how the White Helmets staged the video being used to draw America into a Syria quagmire, but he went on to protect his twitter account from outsiders.

Here is Shoebridge once again blasting the BBC journalist…

Update: BBC journalist who admitted (see above) that #Syria rebels & activists manipulate photos of dead children has now protected his account, meaning only followers (including Syria rebel backing activists) can see his tweets. A screenshot of the now hidden new tweet is here:

Shoebridge then got tons of support from twitter followers who would further expose the “fake hug” staging of children in White Helmet propaganda images…

Dalati appears to have been involved in a BBC – Panorama documentary film by reporter Ian Pannel called “Saving Syria’s Children”…

Panorama travels with British doctors inside Syria to exclusively reveal the devastating impact of the war on children caught in the conflict. The doctors witness the aftermath of the bombing of a school by a suspected napalm-like incendiary device and medical facilities constantly under attack – both war crimes under international law. Filmed in the north of the country after the chemical weapons attack in Damascus which inflamed world opinion and brought America, Russia and the UN to the table, the film shows how the conventional war is intensifying with children bearing the brunt of this humanitarian catastrophe.

As Shoebridge points out in a series of tweets below, “New evidence adds to allegation that BBC #Syria school bomb report was likely an organised, staged event”…

Finally, twitter users speculated as to why BBC reporter Dalati would have deleted his tweets on White Helmets staging chemical weapons attacks, suggesting the BBC forced him to do so…

RT reports that when a Twitter user wrote that Dalati was under pressure from the BBC to ‘toe the line,’ presumably by pointing the finger at Syrian President Bashar Assad, the journalist said this wasn’t true, and that he deleted the tweet due to a “breach of editorial policy.”

“Not so… original tweet correctly deemed in breach of editorial policy thru (sic) use of ‘sick/tired'” and by not providing context for a picture of a deceased Syrian girl who appeared to be giving a ‘last hug’ to another child who appeared to have died.

Dalati further wrote that he still stands “by original opinion that ‘Last Hug’ was staged and can voice that in a factual tweet if I want to.”

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Oh, what tangled webs they weave........
Oh, what tangled webs they weave........
June 19, 2019

So, the BBC read him the riot act. Small wonder since the White Helmets themselves receive their directions direct from MI6’s ‘humanitarian spooks’, former or otherwise..

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