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Steven Crowder debunks “hate speech” and political correctness…it’s all about “intimidating people into silence” [Video]

Earlier today The Duran ran a post on Germany’s move to force Facebook to ban “hate speech”.

The Duran noted…

The German neo-liberal class of lawmakers continue to push the “hate speech” agenda, which is really just the beginning of the German government (and eventually the entire European Union) censoring speech that they deem inappropriate in terms of their world view and agenda.

Who defines what “hate speech” is? Where does hate speech end, and full on government censorship begin? German lawmakers could never answer these questions, nor do they want to. They simply want to get the ball rolling on curbing dissenting voices, so as to have complete control of the media and social narrative.

Expecting Facebook to be judge, jury and executioner when defining “hate speech” is unrealistic, and sets a very dangerous precedent. It is also intrinsically anti-internet. The web was founded on freedom of expression. Germany lawmakers wish to break a core function of what makes the internet work.

If you ever wanted to know why “hate speech” is the hottest neo-liberal buzz word today, and why the liberal left loves to use political correctness in order to further their agenda, then listen to Steven Crowder’s excellent analysis of the “hate speech” con.

This excellent and entertaining video covers Cultural Marxism, The Frankfurt School, and the end game at play by indoctrinating millions into the dangerous world of hate speech and political correctness.

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