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Steve Bannon speaks truth on 60 Minutes: “Hillary Clinton is not very bright” (Video)

So true!

It was a simple and very true statement..something you will never hear a DC swamp politician ever say, but Trump’s former White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is not a politician, and he just destroyed Hillary Clinton for her stupidity and and inability to understand the world around her.

Bannon on Hillary…

“She’s not very bright. She doesn’t have a grasp on what’s important and what’s not.”

Bannon appeared on 60 Minutes with Charlie Rose and discussed a variety of topics, from the DC swamp, to how the Republican party is trying to nullify Trump’s presidency. Bannon also crushed Hillary Clinton for not being as smart as liberals always say she is.

“Her very first speech when she came off the beach was nonsense,” Bannon said to Rose, “and this goes with something I want to address with you: Hillary Clinton’s not very bright.”

Hillary Clinton is the worst politician in US history, who has lucky enough to ride the coat-tails of her charismatic husband into various privileged political positions.

Bannon described the ways in which HRC failed during the election, and beyond. Via The Gateway Pundit

“Everybody says she’s so smart, so much smarter than Donald Trump…She doesn’t really have a grasp, she doesn’t have a grasp on what’s important and what’s not – and that’s what’s essential in a leader. Donald Trump has a grasp on what’s important and what’s marginalia.”

Rose then pressed Bannon the ethno-nationalist descriptor she pinned to Breitbart and others on the New Right, but Bannon was quick to shut down the impending smear.

Rose asks, “Cause you want no part of ethno-nationalism?”

Bannon replies quickly, “That’s ridiculous on the face of it, it’s absurd…”

Rose: “You don’t want any part of any of those people?”

Bannon: “Not only is it morally wrong, it’s also totally irrelevant. Economic nationalism is what this country was built on, it’s the American system…”

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