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Steve Bannon gives rare live interview, proving that he is a political strategic genius [Video]

The American Conservative Union chairman conducted a rare, in depth interview, with Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus during the CPAC 2017 event.

Priebus and Bannon presented a united front against the “fake news” mainstream media (that has reported the two men are at odds) during the CPAC interview.

Steve Bannon proved that he is the man defining ‘Trumpism’.

Bannon laid out his vision for America (and ‘Trumpism’) during this amazing CPAC interview…

  1. America first in the international arena. No more foreign country parasites (hint: European NATO nations) sucking the blood of America without pulling their own weight.
  2. Economic nationalism and America first in the economic sense. Trade and immigration will look out for America’s interest, above any other factors.
  3. Draining the swamp. Smashing the corrupt political, DC, establishment that is bloated and has its tentacles in every crevice of American citizens’ lives.

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