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Social Justice Warrior threatens Lyft driver because he does not respect the “continent of Hawaii” [Video]

Political correctness is completely out of control and Social Justice Warriors (SJW), the enforcers of political correctness, are taking their pathetic bullying tactics to disgusting levels.

Take this viral video published by Rebel Media journalist Laura Southern, which has gone viral and features your typical spoiled and entitled SJW (identified as Annaliese Nielsen) bullying and abusing her Lyft Driver because he has a hula bobble-doll on his car dashboard.

The SJW claims that the Lyft driver is mocking Hawaiians for having the hula girl doll on his car dashboard.

As with all SJW hissy fits, fact and logic is replaced by pure stupidity…as confirmed when Annaliese Nielsen refers to the “continent of Hawaii.”

Annaliese Nielsen to Lyft driver…

“You thought that was adorable, you didn’t think about the pillaging of, like, continent of Hawaii”

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