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Sergei Lavrov, ‘US protecting Al Qaeda terrorists in order to use them to oust Assad in the future’

Just to remind the world that he was the “hope and change” president who won a Nobel Peace Prize…with 40 days left in his term Barack Obama decided to authorise the supply of anti aircraft systems to the ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria. Simply put, Obama gave the go ahead to give a bunch of American made weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

It’s Obama’s swan song farewell to the country he masterfully destroyed, and one last gift to the jihadi terrorists he swore to protect and serve.

The Duran reported

Quite obviously this decision to send weapons to the ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria is not intended to help the fight against ISIS. Rather it is a reprisal for the defeat in Aleppo, and is intended to prolong the war in Syria. Characteristically it is being done at the very tail end of the Obama administration’s existence, ensuring that Obama and his aides suffer no negative consequences because of this decision.

In acting in this way the Obama administration is however acting contrary to what it had previously recognised were the US’s own interests.

Obama’s gift to Al Qaeda-ISIS was not well received by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who said (at a joint press conference with Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic in Belgrade) that there are reasons to believe the United States might be protecting Al Qaeda/Al Nusra terrorists in order to use them as a tool to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad in the future.

“There is a slew of examples showing that al-Nusra Front somehow evaded the US-led coalition’s actions. There were and are solid reasons to believe it was being protected as the most efficient and combat-capable anti-government force on the ground so that it could be used in future to topple the legitimate leadership of Syria.” 

This is exactly what happened and will continue to happen in Syria unless a Donald Trump presidency finally steps in and commits to eliminating radical jihadists in the region once and for all…this includes ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and “moderate rebels”.

All the world is now well aware that the outgoing President Obama has been doing nothing but helping out the very groups that attacked America on September 11th…as per Saudi directives.

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