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Sergei Lavrov says if Obama “carpet bombs” Syria, Russia has “air defense systems to protect its assets”

In an interview with Russian First TV Channel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has now publicly admitted that all trust between Russia and the US is lost.

After the US sabotaged the latest ceasefire with an attack on Syrian forces, in a US military effort to provide air cover support to ISIS, Russia is moving unilaterally to finish off Al Qaeda-Al Nusra/ISIS in Syria.

In the meantime the tensions between Russia and the US have escalated to dangerous levels, as America’s lust for war with Russia grows with each passing day. The Kremlin’s unmasking of the “moderate rebels” in Syria as nothing more than an American supported proxy army hell bent on removing Assad, has infuriated the US necon and neo-liberal alliance.

Lavrov chooses his words carefully, but in this interview, Russia’s top diplomat made it perfectly clear he blames the Obama administration for what he described as a sharp deterioration in U.S.-Russia ties.

Lavrov said…

“We have witnessed a fundamental change of circumstances when it comes to the aggressive Russophobia that now lies at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia.”

“It’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia, but aggressive steps that really hurt our national interests and pose a threat to our security.”

According to Reuters, Lavrov rattled off a laundry list of grievances against the United States, which have contributed to an atmosphere of mistrust, that threatens to plunge the world into all out war.

Lavrov complained that NATO had been steadily moving military infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders and lashed out at Western sanctions imposed over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis.

He also said he had heard that some policy makers in Washington were suggesting that President Barack Obama sanction the carpet bombing of the Syrian government’s military air fields to ground its air force.

“This is a very dangerous game given that Russia, being in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country and having two bases there, has got air defense systems there to protect its assets,” said Lavrov.

Lavrov said he hoped Obama would not agree to such a scenario.

Russia suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons grade plutonium earlier this month in response to what it said were “unfriendly acts” by the United States.

Lavrov said both countries had the right to pull out of the treaty in the event of “a fundamental change in circumstances”.

“The treaty was concluded when relations were normal, civilized, when no one … was trying to interfere in the (other’s) internal affairs. That’s the fundamental change of circumstances,” said Lavrov.


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