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Senator Rand Paul says Hillary Clinton should be “in prison”. She was “biggest advocate” for arming ISIS in Syria [Video]

As more of Hillary Clinton’s crimes come into focus, more US politicians are sounding the alarm bells, warning America of the risks of having HRC as the US commander and chief.

The lies she told, and her diversion tactics to avoid what would have been a prison sentence for anyone else, are now being exposed in an onslaught of information and revelations that not even the CNN (“the Clinton News Network”) can avoid reporting.

A reporter asked Senator Rand Paul in passing, this question…

“Recently you launched a campaign to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her crimes, how are you going to accomplish that.”

Rand Paul responded…

“We’re all for it, I think an indictment would be a good idea followed by a prison sentence.”

The O’Reilly Factor then picks up on this exchange, in an open and honest conversation with Senator Paul, touching on Hillary’s email crimes, the FBI’s decision to not recommend indictment, and how WikiLeaks has now proven that Hillary Clinton was indeed moving weapons from Libya to Syria to ISIS.

Clinton’s final goal was to destabilize a sovereign nation, and overthrow the Assad government.

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