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SECOND Russian scientist charged with TREASON for leaking top-secret data

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The second report of a Russian scientist being charged with state treason came out Monday.

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The Moscow Times reported the following:

A second Russian scientist has reportedly been charged with sharing state secrets with another country this month, a week after the high-profile detention of a space researcher on treason charges.

Last week, Viktor Kudryavtsev, a scientist at one of Russia’s leading space research labs, was charged with state treason for a suspected leak of hypersonic missile technology to a NATO country in 2013.

A member of the Public Monitoring Committee (PMC) prison watchdog said last Friday that a second scientist was found to have been detained on treason charges in July, despite prison wards having previously assured observers that only one scientist was being held.

Alexei Temiryov, 64, was detained on July 18 and placed under arrest for allegedly leaking secret documentation to Vietnam, his lawyer, Anna Polozova, was quoted as saying by the RBC news website Sunday.

His lawyer said that the information her client is accused of leaking was not classified.

“All of it is in the public record, it’s in every textbook in every library,” she told RBC.

The English language article says very little about this, but the other prominent Russian news agencies – Sputnik, RT and TASS say nothing about the second scientist’s situation at all at the present time.

It should further be noted that the Moscow Times is really a Western news site, and although it is fairly popular among English-speaking Russians, it offers an editorial “slant” that is distinctly critical of the Russian government and presumably the state owned media outlets listed earlier.

Photo of Alexei Petrovich Temerov, reportedly being held on charges of treason in Lefortovo Prison

With that point in view, this piece did make reference to two other news-pieces in the Russian language we we offer here in translation.

We have translated this from the site, with support from the RBC site for clarity, and together these two pieces offer some information pointing to the second scientist being held on treason charges:

And now about the most unpleasant part of today’s visit. It seems that the staff of the jail hid a prisoner from us. Even during a visit on Saturday (July 21) Eva and Marichevoy asked whether or not there were new arrivals. We were told only about Victor Kudryavtsev.

After that, during my visits on Monday and Wednesday this week, I repeatedly asked if anyone else had arrived last week, but the head of the Department of the regime of Khans, Alexander Yuryevich, accompanying us, replied that there was no one new and there was only Kudryavtsev.

But today, after a colleague and I left the pre-trial detention center, I was called by an attorney whose client sits in Lefortovo and asked us to visit. After learning the details I was upset. The attorney’s story implied that her client, Alexei Petrovich Temereva, was arrested on July 19 under suspicion of treason (article 275 of the criminal code). I do not know what to think: whether we just lied to hide a sick pensioner, or if we just forgot about him. It’s bad.

And even worse than that is the case of Alexey Petrovich, who is 64 years old. He is a doctor of technical Sciences from Novocherkassk, who holds many patents for inventions but who also has a lot of health problems. He has a stent in his heart; he also has stomach ulcers and a hernia requiring surgery. According to the lawyer, yesterday in the shower he lost consciousness. It is possible to find Alexey Petrovich on Google, listed as the head of the small innovative enterprise “Mechatronics” and the founder of the design Bureau “Intelligent Robust Integrated Systems.”

Now he is in jail, a pensioner in Lefortovo 3. Next week I plan to visit him with colleagues from ONK and learn about his state of health.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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franz kafka
franz kafka
September 5, 2018

The Moscow Times is to Journalism what the CIA is to humanitarian help for Third World orphanages. In fact the Moscow times, like much of EU Mass Media, and almost ALL US MSM, is part of Operation Mockingbird (a disinformation feedback loop) operating since 1945 under the control of the CIA.

This will explain:,_Foreign_and_Military_Intelligence).pdf

John Burns
September 5, 2018

With Russia surrounded by hostile nations, a scientist or two scientists, sell vital defence information that may mean the deaths of millions of their countrymen? The concept of this treachery is staggering.

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