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Sean Hannity lays groundwork for conflict with Russia, blaming Putin for Uranium One scandal (Video)

This Fox News panel knows exactly what Vladimir Putin thought and wanted.

The Duran has noted in previous posts that whether it is the left screaming about fake news Russia election meddling, or the right screaming about secret Russian agents bribing Hillary and Co., Russia will be scapegoated as the main culprit, and bad actor, in any investigations playing out in the public theater.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity kicks off the propaganda of putting the entire onus of the Uranium One deal, and the apparent corruption of Hillary, Obama, and the DC swamp, onto the shoulders of Vladimir Putin.

Whether left or right, neo-liberal or neoconservative, Russia will always be made out to be the villain when it comes to Washington DC’s crippling corruption.

As one of The Duran’s commenters pointed out on a previous post regarding the Uranium One story…

One thing I would point out is that there are 144 million people in Russia, and among those people are businessman, and some of those businessmen are corrupt. That does not mean that ‘Putin’ was personally directing anything, or that it was ‘Russia’! That’s just going along with the whole ridiculous propaganda we hear every minute of every day. If some coal executive was bribing people in Ukraine to buy his coal, would we say it was ‘America’ or ‘Trump’ who were doing that?

As shocking as it may seem I doubt that ‘Putin’ is in contact and personally directing the affairs of every person living in Russia. There may or may not have been direct involvement of the Russian government, but this is an example of the situation that ANYTHING that has to do with Russia or Russians is part of a personally-directed Putin scheme.

Also, for a Russian (and Canadian) group to buy some companies that own uranium reserves (it is NOT 20% of all US uranium, or all US uranium production) in the United States is frankly, no big deal. Russia mines lots of uranium, and there is lots of uranium all over the World. This is just a (corrupt) business deal. They did need government approval, so they bribed the Clintons.

I thought before the election that Clinton was one of the most sinister candidates to run for President in my lifetime (and that includes Richard Nixon), but the way she has behaved after the election convinces me that she is one of the most despicable people on the planet.

In the following Hannity segment (see video below), the journalists who broke the Uranium One story, and Victoria Toensing (the attorney representing the FBI informant who claims to have significant evidence of bribery), are magically in the thoughts and mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Hannity segment is pure propaganda, pinning the Uranium One blame on The Kremlin and President Putin, for corruption that took place in the DC swamp. it is worth noting that the $145 million bribe paid to the Clinton Foundation, came not from The Kremlin, but from Uranium One investorsthe lion’s share $131.3 million coming from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s founder, who is not a Russian citizen, but a Canadian businessman.

The build up to eventual conflict with Russia begins at the 3:40 mark, with an exchange between Circa News’ Sara Carter and Sean Hannity…

Sean Hannity: This was a network that was being built and designed by Moscow and Vladimir Putin to corner Uranium market in this country.

Sara Carter: One of the biggest issues was that Vladimir Putin wanted to penetrate the US Uranium market as well as our energy market. This was a huge deal for him [VP], he [VP] wanted to move this through, it was a main, main point in all of the things that he [VP] did…and I think that the informant who was privy to these conversations, who had recordings, who has emails, is able to show that.

Sara Carter apparently knows the inner workings of Vladimir Putin and The Kremlin, drawing conclusions that Putin wanted to “corner the market” on Uranium…and Sara Carter seems to suggest that she has clear evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin has disclosed all of this intentions to her. If no clear evidence of Putin’s intentions exist, then Sara Carter must be a mind reader.

The next step will be connecting Uranium exports from the US, which are now clearly under the control of Putin (who has cornered the Uranium market, whatever that means) to Iran or North Korea.

Left equals right, Hannity equals Maddow.

Everyone is playing for the same Deep State team…and all roads lead to conflict.

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