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Scott Adams explains why the media cover so little of North Korea and so much of Russia (Video)

North Korea launched another ballistic missile, but it was unclear whether it was another intercontinental ballistic missile.

‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams and Tucker Carlson discuss why the media should be focusing on North Korea fact, but instead push a fake “Russia did it” lie.

According to Adams, Russia story has all “the elements for the perfect story.”

The Russia fake news narrative, concocted by Hillary Clinton to explain away her pathetic loss to Donald Trump, has the one key element that North Korea facts do not have.

According to Adams, the entire “Russia fake news” fairytale has people saying…”That couldn’t possibly be true.”

Adams explains that Russia fake news gets more attention than the fact that North Korea is launching missiles because, “The less true a story is…the more energy it gets.”

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