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Is Saudi Arabia’s 13 point ultimatum to Qatar a World War 3 moment (Video)

Yesterday The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris noted that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ultimatum to Qatar threatens a wider regional war pitting key allies of the US against each other.

The Duran drew a historical comparison with with Saudi Arabia’s ultimatum list sent to Qatar, with the the July 1914 Habsburg government’s insanely worded ultimatum to Serbia, which would snowball into the first World War.

It is impossible to believe that anyone in Riyadh seriously believes that Qatar can comply with the terms of the Saudi ultimatum, just as no-one in Vienna in 1914 seriously thought Serbia would comply with the Habsburg ultimatum.

With the undeniable fact being that Qatar will tear up Saudi Arabia’s demands, the question is asked, what’s next?

Dmitry Babich, appearing on RT’s CrossTalk, notes that the pathology of the United States is that of traditional “colonialism”, where the US views the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar as a “family affair”, letting the nations divide themselves into pieces as the colonial power watches on…

“They [The United States] pour weapons into both Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

Mark Sleboda views the endgame as a move towards a “soft regime” change in Qatar, noting that the US cannot allow a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, given the massive US military presence in Qatar…

“The US cannot allow a Saudi on Qatari military conflict.”

What do you think?

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