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Samantha Power criticizes Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, forgetting that she supported Saudi war crimes in Yemen (Video)

Hard to believe that the former UN Ambassador under Barack Obama, Samantha Power, would have the balls to talk down to US President Trump for supporting Saudi Arabia, citing the brutal Kingdom’s war against Yemen.

Power’s conveniently forgot that she proceeded over an American UN mission that voted for numerous illegal wars and government coups, including the overthrow of a democratically elected Ukraine government, the illegal destruction of Libya, and supporting ISIS as it invaded Syria.

And then there is Yemen, for which Power voted to support Saudi Arabia in its large scale bombing campaign on the poorest nation in the middle east.

Luckily, where Power’s memory fails her, many on twitter were around to remind her of her hypocrisy and outright criminality.

“@SamanthaJPower Without your vote for UNSC res 2216 there would be no Saudi war on #Yemen. You are part of this war”

Power’s is a classic example of a former warmonger diplomat living in a neo-liberal glass house.

Jimmy Dore has an easy time tearing apart Samantha Power in the video segment below…

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