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Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova regrets Obama’s “anti-Russian hysteria” and “witch hunt” against anything Russian

For Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, President Barack Obama’s departure from the White House probably could not come soon enough.

The puppet president in Washington has been a complete disaster for US-Russian relations, as Obama seethes in jealousy over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s superior diplomacy and statesmanship.

It’s time for the community organizer to head off to hollywood and let the real men sit down to inject some realpolitik into global affairs…so the entire world can move away from the dangerous, politically correct “identity politics” that have defined Obama’s eight years in office.

In a press briefing yesterday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called out Obama’s “hysteria” when dealing with Russia, citing a “witch hunt” style diplomacy that does neither side any good.

“We have to say with regret that with the support of the outgoing administration of Barack Obama, which recently scared the Americans with Russian hackers, Washington continues anti-Russian hysteria created a few years ago and, of course, it is increasingly beginning to look like a seemingly already forgotten past, namely the “witch hunt”.

“If current US authorities want to limit the movement of own representatives in Russia, they should take into account that everything in diplomacy is based on reciprocity. I mean that there will be the same attitude toward American diplomats in Russia.”

Via Sputnik News

Earlier, the US House of Representatives passed a legislation on the establishment of a special inter-ministerial group on “revealing the covert influence” of Russia. This provision is included in the bill on the financing of the intelligence agencies in 2017 year. The document speaks of countering active steps to ensure the Russian secret influence on nations and governments. The bill, in particular, suspects Russia of manipulating media and financing agents of influence. Now, this document must be considered by the Senate.

She said that Russia is not ruling out retaliatory measures should Russian diplomats be banned from leaving diplomatic missions in the United States.

Unfortunately Obama’s failed diplomacy and incompetence as a global statesman has seeped into the neo-liberal oligarchy in Europe, who pretty much just do what the empty suit in Washington does.

On November 23rd The Duran reported on the EU Parliament’s draft resolution proposed by Polish EU lawmaker Anna Elzbieta Fotyga to counteract propaganda against the EU, which says that Russia is on par with ISIS and allegedly engaged in propaganda against the European Union.

Obviously a politically motivated resolution from the corrupt oligarchy in the EU, for which the OSCE representative on the freedom of media agrees…and which Zakharova cited during her press briefing…

“I would like to say that we received a response from the OSCE representative on the media freedom. In a response letter, the OSCE representative noted the obvious political nature of this document. At the same time, Ms Mijatovic promised…to react immediately to serious cases of member states not fulfilling their corresponding responsibilities.”


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