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Russian President Putin on Aleppo hospital attack, “international structures…did it deliberately, as they knew where it was”

If western powers backing Al Qaeda thought that Russia would simply let the planned, coordinated attack on the Aleppo mobile hospital slide, then they have not understood Russia’s resolve and determination to rid Syria of ISIS, Al Nusra, and Al Qaeda jihadists, once and for all.

As Jihadi resistance crumbles in Aleppo faster than ever imagined, and Assad is poised to liberate the besieged Syrian city any day now…the cowardly act perpetrated on Russian humanitarian services will surely be paid back with the destruction of the US-Saudi financed “moderate rebels”.

Today Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out against the Aleppo hospital attack and the west’s obvious inability to condemn the attack…

“It is obvious to everybody that our medics came [to Syria] to resolve humanitarian issues only. They came there not to take part in the military action, but to help people, civilian population in particular.”

“Moscow has seen no assessment of what happened from any international organization.”

RT reports

According to Putin, the absence of international reaction “triggers some thoughts about how objective the coverage of some our partners is on what is happening [in Syria].”

Putin added that he is talking about big international structures “that have put our medics who have been killed on one shelf with those who hit their hospital, and did it deliberately, as they knew where it was.”

He stressed that such an attitude is “inadmissible” and “we [Russia] will never accept it.” Militants shelled a Russian mobile hospital in western Aleppo earlier this week, killing two paramedics. A chief pediatrician was also severely injured in the attack.

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