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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov makes US press look stupid with this simple reply (Video)

Today The Duran reported on the Lavrov – Tillerson meeting here and here, amidst the backdrop of a James Comey firing, which sent the liberal left and neocon right into hysterical “Russian hacking” conspiracy overdrive.

Watching the Democrat party align with McCain neocons, to continue to push the Russiagate fake news, is humiliating for the United States, and entertaining for the rest of the sane world, looking on in amazement as America devolves into complete insanity.

Russia’s Foreign Minister was masterful in today’s meeting with his American counterpart, taking the time to troll the stupidity of US lawmakers and their mainstream media stenographers…

“It’s humiliating for American people to believe that the Russian Federation is controlling the domestic situation in the United States. How can it be possible for such a great power?”

When asked about how FBI Director, James Comey’s firing affects talks with Rex Tillerson, Sergei Lavrov wittingly responded…

“Was he fired? You’re kidding!”

NBC News predictably took offense to Lavrov’s logic, titling their YouTube video chronicling the comments as, “Russian FM Lavrov Comments Sarcastically On James Comey Firing At Rex Tillerson Photo Op.”

Was Lavrov sarcastic?  Of course…but the entire Russiagate has become such an American embarrassment that NBC News is lucky Lavrov simply didn’t just burst into laughter at the entire American meltdown.

Via Zerohedge

In what will surely send the Democrats’ anti-Russian hysteria to ’11’, President Trump is set to meet with Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov later today, after the Russian foreign secretary meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this morning. The timing – just hours after firing Comey – could be better for the optics, but Tillerson told U.S. diplomats that the U.S. was focused on trying to re-engage with Russia and improve relations between the U.S. and Russia from a post-Cold War low.

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