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Russian FM Lavrov, “no more unilateral concessions” in Syria until US proves its separating moderates from terrorists

In an interview with Russia TV Vesti v Subbotu, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia will “no longer take seriously” requests to make unilateral concessions in Syria, without finally seeing the US coalition, once and for all, separate “moderate rebels” from terrorists.

Of course Lavrov, and by now the whole awake world, knows that there is no such thing as “moderate rebels” in Syria, leaving the US in a bit of a bind.

Either John Kerry will have to find and embed some “moderate rebels”, to then separate from the Al Nusra / Al Qaeda jihadists…or Kerry will have to see his on-the-ground Al Nusra terrorist proxy face extinction at the hands of the Syrian army and Russian air support.

During the Vesti v Subbotu interview Lavrov reiterated that…

“The revival of the ceasefire is possible exclusively on collective basis.

If the US and its coalition partners fail to provide credible proof that they have a sincere intention to dissociate terrorists from the so-called moderate opposition, our suspicions that this all is being done to take the heat off Al-Nusra Front will strengthen.”

In other words…America better begin separating the skittles, or finally admit that the entire “moderate rebels” thing is a complete sham.

RT reports that while Lavrov is urging America to take action and deliver on its promises, what is currently taking place in Syria is the exact opposite of a separation..

The events of the past few days, however, showed the reverse trend, as more rebel groups started merging with Al-Nusra Front, Lavrov said, citing a statement from Russia’s General Staff.

One of such radical groups close to Al-Nusra Front is Ahrar Al-Sham, which refused to adhere to the Russia-US agreement as the deal targets its ally, Lavrov said. Russia has been demanding it be designated terrorist for a long time, to little effect.

“If everything again boils down to asking Russia’s and Syria’s Air Forces to take unilateral steps – such as, ‘Give us another three- or four-day pause and after that we will persuade all opposition groups that this is serious and that they must cut ties with Al-Nusra Front’ – such talk will not be taken seriously by us anymore,” the Russian FM said.

He noted that previous US-Russia-brokered short-term ceasefires around Aleppo did not live up to expectations and proved detrimental to peace efforts, as the 48-hour and 72-hour temporary truces were “used to back up the jihadists, including, Al-Nusra Front fighters, with manpower, food and weapons supplies.”


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