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Russia says ‘nyet’ to international flash strip mob in subway (VIDEO)

The event, in which participants are told to get on the subway and take off their paints while maintaining a straight face, started in 2002 in New York and has grown to include thousands of participants in dozens of cities around the world, including Boston; Berlin; Prague; London; and Warsaw.

But in Russia, which is home to the world’s most beautiful and advanced subway network, the population is just not catching on to this latest Western trend. The organizer of the event in Moscow expressed disappointment over the fact that law enforcement have once again prevented him and a small group of followers from stripping in public.

“This is the norm in many places, and Russia should be like everyone else”, explained the activist. Luckily, the vast majority of his countrymen beg to differ. Not only is stripping in public punishable by Russian public indecency laws, but it is also frowned upon by the general population, who deem such behavior incompatible with the country’s high culture, understanding of morality and human dignity.

If in the West stripping in public and in front of children is described as “pure fun” and a “form of art”, in Russia it is an unlawful act which in the best case scenario will get you fined, and in the worst – punched in the face.

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