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Russia considering military bases in Cuba and Vietnam

Analysts and pundits have been describing the US – Russian tension in Syria as a return to the days of Vietnam or the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It appears that the Russian Ministry of Defense is taking the historical parallels to heart.

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Nikolay Pankov told the RIA news agency that Moscow is considering plans to return to Cuba and Vietnam where it had military bases in the past.

RT reports on this breaking news…

“We are working on this,” Pankov said, while declining to elaborate. The Russian Defense Ministry is re-assessing the decisions made in the past to shut down the bases in those countries, according to the defense official.

Previously the deputy head of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament, Aleksey Chepa said that Russiashould re-assess the issue of our presence in other regions of the world. I believe that it would correspond with Russian interests to restore the bases in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa that were closed,” as quoted by TASS.

There were Soviet and Russian military bases in Cuba and Vietnam until 2002. The Russian navy was deployed in Cam Rahn, Vietnam, and Russia had a radio-electronic intelligence center in Lourdes, Cuba.

NATO has been encroaching closer to Russia’s borders with each passing year. Now the western alliance is conducting military drills a stones throw away from Russia…of course NATO’s drills are only for defensive purposes.

And let’s not even mention the US/EU sponsored coup in Ukraine.

Even the idea that Russia will re-open its military bases in Cuba and Vietnam should give all Americans pause….How does it feel to have Russian military units right off Florida’s coast, for defensive purposes only.

We cannot wait for Washington and its main stream media mouthpiece to throw a hissy fit at the Russian plans to move their military right off the US east coast, or to station troops in the one country that delivered the most painful blow to US military expansion in history. Talk about spoiling Obama’s Asia pivot.

This is most likely just a signal to the Washington war hawks to back off of Syria now, because two can play the game of military expansion and sovereign territory encroachment.

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