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Rush Limbaugh believes that Trump may have just killed CNN (Video)

CNN and about 90% of all mainstream media were gunning for the removal of Donald Trump from the White House, colluding with Hillary Clinton and the Democrat establishment to push a fake news “Russia did it” narrative, which has now lasted more than 8 months and counting.

Turnabout is fair play, and it now looks like Trump has skillfully destroyed whatever trust people still retained in CNN, and with an eroded trust in CNN’s news worthiness, may come the death of the entire Clinton News Network organisation.

Transcript from the Tuesday, June 27, 2017, Rush Limbaugh broadcast

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Could Donald Trump be the end of CNN? What a legacy that would be…

Three CNN members of the new investigative unit have resigned, i.e., been fired. One of them is a guy named Thomas Frank. This for the fake news, the bogus story on Anthony Scaramucci supposedly having a link to a Russian bank system, colluding with them to help Trump doing whatever. It turned out to be total BS, like everything else that CNN has reported with this Russian story.

Eric Lichtblau, who, they got this guy from the New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize winner. He leaves the New York Times going from print to the big screen of TV and is now out. I’m sure the Times will take him back with open arms.

Thomas Frank, who wrote the story — the name might ring a bell. This guy wrote a book way back when called What’s the Matter With Kansas or What’s Wrong With Kansas? He is an active, uber-leftist. He despises conservatism, and his book about What’s the Matter with Kansas, What’s Wrong With Kansas, was his befuddlement over how middle class Americans in Kansas would vote Republican and thereby vote against their own self-interest…

This Jim Acosta guy, little Jim Acosta, CNN, guy that lost his cookies yesterday with the press briefing when the cameras weren’t turned on. We got the audio coming up. I’ll tell you what this guy reminds me of. Have you ever had a cat, pet cat, and got one of these red laser pointers. You point it at the floor, and the cat tries to catch it. You point it up against the sofa, cat runs into the sofa. You point it against the wall, cat runs into the wall.

I think that’s what the Trump administration is doing with many in the media. They’re like cats. He’s got this little red laser light and is just causing them to make fools of themselves and everybody’s laughing at ’em as they’re crashing into walls, the sofa and the floor. And that’s what little Jim Acosta had happen to him yesterday.

Now, we mentioned at the top of the program that three employees of the brand-new investigative unit at CNN were let go and fired or they resigned or what have you. They published a totally fake story about a Trump aide, Anthony Scaramucci, supposedly meeting with the Russians to collude with them about the election. It contained erroneous element after erroneous element. There was nothing in it that was true, and it was sourced by one anonymous individual. CNN pulled it. It was about Scaramucci having a relationship with a Russian banking unit, and the Russian bank unit went public and denied everything that CNN was saying. The details of the banking unit, the fact that Scaramucci had done business with them, none of it was true.

So CNN pulled it, and they did so in somewhat of a public manner, and then they announced yesterday that these three guys, these people in the investigative unit were gone. One of them was a guy named Thomas Frank, who wrote a book about What’s Wrong With Kansas or What’s the Matter With Kansas, and it’s why the people of Kansas, in his mind, kept voting against their own self-interest by voting for conservative Republicans.

He couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t be voting liberal Democrat. Big, long book. He’s also had a couple treatises on the inherent failures and faults in conservatism. Another reporter is somebody named Eric Lichtblau from the New York Times. CNN stole him from the Times. He’s a Pulitzer Prize winner, and there was a third person.

So they’re gone, and now we’re told that brand-new procedures have been implemented at CNN to make sure something like this can’t happen again. The president has tweeted, “What about all the other mistakes CNN has made?” In fact, I think we’re gonna call ’em FNN here, Fake News Network. You know, people call ’em the Clinton News Network, but that’s kind of outmoded and outdated.

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