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RT DESTROYS Russian-linked Facebook ads story. 50% of ads ran after US election

25% of the Facebook ads were never posted live.

No wonder Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to walk back any claims that “Russian-linked” entities influenced the 2016 US elections with a measly $100,000 in Facebook ads.

Zuck saw the 3,000 Facebook ads that the US Congress and the mainstream media is in a tizzy about, as some sort of smoking gun that proves “Crooked” Hillary was bested by Vladimir Putin.

RT (now being hunted down by the neo-McCarthyite loonies that reside in the corrupt DC swamp) has debunked…no, RT has completely blown apart the entire Facebook ads fake news.

RT is reporting that half of the Facebook ads ran after the US election, and 25% of the FB ads never ran at all. The Facebook ads story was already completely weak, only to be believed by very stupid people, but now RT has completely crushed the entire narrative.

More than half of the ‘Russian advertisements’ on Facebook that supposedly influenced the 2016 US elections actually appeared after the vote, the company has revealed. Nobody even saw one-quarter of the ads bought by “inauthentic accounts.”

In September, Facebook vowed to deliver Congress some 3,000 ads purchased between 2015 and 2017 and connected to 470 “inauthentic” accounts and pages, which, as it continues to say, “appear to have come from a Russian entity.” However, Moscow has blasted those allegations, while repeatedly stating that it had nothing to do with the 2016 vote.

“44% of total ad impressions [number of times ads were displayed] were before the US election on November 8, 2016; 56% were after the election,” the social media giant stated on Monday as it published some “facts” about “Russian ads.”

However, over “25% of the ads were never shown to anyone,” the Monday ‘factsheet’ says, adding the posts have reached some 10 million users.

President Trump called this hoax the minute it started to hit the media spin cycle…

Via The Gateway Pundit

President Trump was right again.

Now we know for certain that this was all another fake news story.

The more you dig into the ‘Russia hacked the election’ Democrat-media conspiracy the more you discover there is nothing there.


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