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RT America drops massive truth bombs on Clinton mafia

RT America drops massive truth bombs on Clinton mafia

RT America is going on the offensive.

After one year of abuse from the Clinton controlled mainstream media pushing a Clinton campaign concocted fairytale about Russians hacking Hillary’s road to the White House (which placed RT under FARA surveillance)…RT is hitting back at a weakened and hollowed out Clinton machine.

Keep hitting them RT America, until we “lock her up”.

Its awesome to see these back-to-back stories reported on RT America…stories that The Duran broke back-to-back on November 25th.

Secret service agent is ready to blow open Bill Clinton’s “Lolita Express – Orgy Island” trips.

A former Secret Service agent is threatening to release damaging information on former President Bill Clinton’s trips aboard the “Lolita Express” ‒ Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. Epstein was convicted in 2008 for soliciting sex from an underage girl. RT America’s Ed Schultz discusses the potential fallout from this salacious story with host of “America’s Lawyer,” Mike Papantonio.

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Monica Lewinsky confidante says White House maids “afraid to bend over” around Bill Clinton.

Heightened media interest in sexual harassment has brought former President Bill Clinton back into the spotlight. RT America’s David Miller reports on how the changing attitudes about the mistreatment of women have begun to reshape “Slick Willy” Clinton’s troubled legacy.

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