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Roger Stone issues a warning to Trump after Manafort indictment

Trump’s “Only Chance For Survival”…

Political operative, and permanently banned from Twitter, Roger Stone is warning US President Trump to take one single action, that will instantly diffuse the Mueller witch hunt, which has just claimed its first victim, Trump former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Stone believes the President’s “only chance for survival,” is to appoint a special counsel to probe the Clinton-Uranium One scandal. Otherwise, Stone believes, Donald Trump’s days could be numbered as President.

Daily Caller reports…

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone told The Daily Caller Monday that President Donald Trump directing the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate an Obama-era Uranium deal is Trump’s “only chance for survival.”


Before the indictment was released, Stone, who was previously a business partner with Manafort, told TheDC that he thinks “if the charges against Manafort and Gates do not relate to Russia, Mueller will look extremely foolish.”

Stone told TheDC that it is “really simple” how Trump ends Mueller’s investigation. The Trump confidant said that Mueller intends “to levy phony charges against Trump in order to impeach him.”

Trump has received past suggestions to fire Mueller, however, Stone maintains the president “doesn’t have to fire anybody.” Instead, Stone wants Trump to appoint a special counsel to investigate “all involved in the Uranium One investigation.”

Trump may already be heeding Stone’s advice,

Fox News’ John Roberts reported last week that his sources informed him that Trump personally instructed the Justice Department to lift the gag order on the Clinton-Uranium One informant.

“Source tells @FoxNews that @realDonaldTrump himself gave the order to the DOJ to lif[t] the gag order on Uranium One confidential informant.”

On Sunday, President Trump issued a barrage of tweets urging investigators to finally probe Hillary Clinton for her role in funding the discredited “Trump Dossier.”

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