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Robert F. Kennedy Jr, tells Tucker Carlson: JFK assassination is government cover up (Video)

Shortly after he finished his California primary victory speech on June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot. He died the next day.

Although the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy. happened nearly 55 years ago, global interest in the event has only grown stronger with the passage of time.

As recently as 2013, 61 percent of Americans surveyed by CBS News still believed that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of President Kennedy, countering the government’s official narrative of events.

The public’s appetite for books, investigative journalism, and even feature films on this unsolved mystery has been insatiable over the years.

President Trump promised to release all of the documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy.

Following the initial document release, Trump gave federal agencies six additional months to review and release the remaining documents.

The CIA and FBI cited national security grounds for blocking the release of thousands of documents.

While an additional 19,000 documents were released, some 15,834 documents contained redactions, and another five hundred or more were withheld from the release.

POTUS Trump bought into the national security argument and extended the time for the removal of all the redactions and final document release to October 2021.

Robert F. Kennedy son and namesake, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, is not convinced as to the official narrative for who killed is uncle and father over 50 years ago, and wants a fresh investigation into the assassinations, an appeal which is supported by only one of his eight surviving siblings.

RFK Jr., was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain why he believes the government is covering up the real reasons for John, and Robert, Kennedy’s deaths.

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