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Robbery in Rio never happened. Brazil police say “no robbery committed”, Ryan Lochte made whole thing up

Ryan Lochte gunpoint, gas station robbery solved.

During an afternoon news conference Thursday, Civil Police Fernando Veloso said,

“No robbery was committed against these athletes. They were not victims of the crimes they claimed.”

The late night party robbery has become the biggest spectacle outside of the actual Olympic games in Rio…karma for the US’s political witch hunt of Russian athletes?

Lochte, and his US swimming teammates have much to answer for.

They managed steal the focus away from a successful US swimming performance, and completely taint the reputation of the US swim team.

Lochte’s lies follow the terrible, ‘un-sportsman like’, behaviour of Lilly King towards Russian swimmer Yulia Yefimova. Perhaps the IOC should ban the US swim team come next Olympic games.

AP reports further…

Lochte, along with fellow swimmers Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen, stopped at the gas station in Barra da Tijuca, a suburb of Rio where many Olympic venues are located. They had been at the French hospitality house celebrating the final night of swimming events at the Rio Games.

A Brazilian police official told The Associated Press that two of the swimmers said Lochte had made the story up. Speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, the official said the swimmers had tried to open a door at a gas station but it was jammed. They broke the door, and a security guard came to investigate. Then, the official said, the station manager demanded money to pay for the door. The swimmers handed over money and left.

Hours later, the official changed the story and said two security guards pointed guns at the swimmers. The change in the version of events came after police interviewed one of the security guards on Thursday.

The official said the swimmers broke the bathroom door and a soap dispenser inside.

Workers at the gas station went to see what the commotion was about, the official said. At that point, a security guard also came and confronted the swimmers, and pointed a gun. A second guard came behind him and pointed another gun.

Lochte’s attorney, Jeff Ostrow, has maintained that there is no question the robbery occurred.

So there you have it. A bunch of drunk US swimmers out partying, busting up a gas station bathroom door and soap dispenser…confronted by security guards.

Earlier in the day U.S. Olympic swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were pulled off their U.S.-bound flight by Brazilian authorities. They were interviewed by police about the gunpoint robbery.

lochte robberyConger and Bentz were seen by Brazilian television entering a police station inside the airport, speaking with police officers, after being removed from their flight. They declined to speak with reporters.

U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Patrick Sandusky confirmed in a statement that Conger and Bentz…

“–were detained Wednesday night shortly before their flight was scheduled to depart from Rio. They were released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on Thursday.”


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