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After a rise in refugee terrorist attacks, Angela Merkel’s approval rating crashes to 47%

A drop in support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel was expected following a wave of attacks in Germany which included…

  • a shooting spree,
  • an ax attack,
  • a suicide bombing and
  • a machete assault that left 13 people dead.

What made matters worse for the German Chancellor was the fact that three of the four attacks involved refugees, though none of the attackers arrived in the recent refugee influx over the last year. But perception is reality, and the fact that refugees were involved does not bode well for Merkel.

The Chancellor, however, is digging in. Merkel said last week that she remains convinced in her policy decision to open up Europe’s doors, reciting her mantra of “we will do this”, after more attacks demanded Merkel give a press conference on the security challenges now facing German citizens.

Now the German population has voiced its dissatisfaction with Merkel’s mantra, as the once popular Chancellor is seeing her approval numbers plummet to all time historic lows.

Zerohedge reports that…

According to a just released ARG polls, popular support for the Chancellor has plunged by a whopping 12 points, with her approval rating crashing to just 47%, and almost two-thirds of Germans unhappy with her refugee policy. This marked her second-lowest score since she was re-elected in 2013. In April last year, before the migrant crisis erupted she enjoyed backing of 75 percent. Meanwhile, approval for her “ally”, who in recent weeks has voiced stark disagreement with the Chancellor over the future of German immigration policy, soared: support for Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, rose 11 points to 44%.

Seehofer, who heads the Bavarian sister party to Merkel’s CDU, said he may break with party unity and run a separate campaign in next year’s German election. He’s demanding a cap on the number of refugees allowed into the country after last year’s number surpassed 1 million.

Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, immediately went on the defensive. In an interview with Berliner Zeitung published Friday, Altmaier said…

“We won’t allow terrorists and violent criminals to change our European-western way of life.”

“This includes the protection of human dignity and help for people in need. We need to check security measures but the fact remains that Germany will also fulfil its humanitarian obligations in the future.”

Zerohedge reports further…

The collapse in Merkel’s approval comes after Germany was hit last month by a terrorism blitz that included a shooting spree, an ax attack, a suicide bombing and a machete assault that left 13 people dead. Three of the four assaults involved refugees. Merkel said last week that she remains convinced of the motto she adopted in 2015 – “we will do this” – even as she, ironically, accused the attackers of mocking the country that took them in.

“More and more people are worried whether, given the large immigration numbers, we can actually manage,” Wolfgang Bosbach, a lawmaker from Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and former chairman of parliament’s interior committee, told Bild Zeitung.

Bloomberg adds that support for Merkel’s CDU-led bloc held at 34 percent, while backing for her Social Democratic Party coalition partner at 22 percent, was also unchanged. The Greens had 13 percent support in the monthly poll, with 12 percent for the anti-immigration AfD party, 9 percent for the Left Party and 5 percent for the Free Democrats. Infratest polled 1,003 voting-age individuals on Aug. 1-2. The margin of error was 3.1 percentage points.

The good news for Merkel is that for now the refugee onslaught has trickled to a crawl, as a result of the March “cash for refugees” deal with Erdogan, which gives the Turkish dictator complete leverage over Merkel, and Europe.

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