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REVEALED: Democrat mix up? The FBI did in fact look into DNC servers (Video)

Roger Stone says that POTUS Trump is right, Russia probe is a witch-hunt.

Roger Stone Jr. appeared before the House Intelligence Committee in a secret testimony that we are sure will never see the light of day, and its a shame because what Stone says he stumbled upon during the closed door session is stunning.

Stone claims that an internal mixup occurred between Democrats lawmakers (and rapid Russia haters) Schiff and Speier from California.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the revelation revolves around the fact that Schiff and Speier both claim that the FBI was able to look at the DNC’s servers, which of course contradicts what both former-FBI Director James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson both asserted under oath.

Stone appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain what her heard during the closed door session….

Here is Roger Stones’ statement via Infowars…

When I made the case that I did not believe that the DNC had been hacked by the Russians, in fact, that I believed that it had not been hacked at all, and made the point that the Democratic National Committee had refused to allow the FBI to inspect is servers, instead using a paid-for IT firm called CloudStrike, I was corrected by Congress[woman] Jackie Speier of California, who informed me that she now knew that the DNC had, in fact, turn over their servers to the FBI. This was, essentially, seconded by Congressman Adam Schiff of California, this came to an extraordinary surprise to Trey Gowdy, the Republican from South Carolina. Mr. Gowdy pointed out, to his Democratic colleagues, that FBI Director James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, had both testified – under oath – to the House Intelligence Committee, that the FBI had not been allowed to examine the DNC servers. This is a bombshell revelation, somebody is lying. It is either Congressman Schiff and Congress[woman] Speier, or, of course, it is Mr. Comey and Secretary Johnson.”

Here is the video of Roger Stone reporting on his testimony, and the shocking news that the FBI may have investigated the DNC server…

Read Roger Stone’s Opening Statement To Congressional Russia Investigators by Lucian Wintrich on Scribd.

The Gateway Pundit carried an exclusive interview with Stone moments after his testimony…

In an exclusive interview, a TGP sat down with Mr. Stone and discussed some of the finer details of the hearing and also touched briefly on the Alabama senate race, the slippery, snakelike DNC operative John Podesta, and the much gossiped about Guccifer 2.0. What follows is a penetrating looks at perhaps the largest political scandal in American history: the Democratic Party’s attempt to displace a sitting President.

Roger noted how nonsensical the committee is and how aggressive the Democrats present were, but the major takeaway is, as Roger noted, “very simply, this is a scandal without evidence. The Democrats are grasping at anything they can find, big or small, and are trying to make something out of nothing.”

Stone further commented on the level of delusion and the level of desperation that the Democrats are struggling with, stating:

“They’re trying to undermine and destabilize the Trump presidency with a continued narrative that was invented by John Podesta, which is revolving around the Russians colluding with the Trump campaign to affect the 2016 election. The Republicans were very clear that there’s a difference between the question of Russian interference in our election and Trump collusion, of which there is not, to this day, one iota of evidence.”

According to The Gateway Pundit the most important takeaway from the Roger Stone is the fact that there seems to be a lot of confusion within the ranks of the Democratic Party’s leadership as to what the facts truly are and a more probing look at the Russia narrative is required for any sort of closure to occur.

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