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The real reason the liberal media elite hate Russia and Vladimir Putin (VIDEO)

People who have lived in or travelled to Russia in the last 17 years, would agree to a certain extent that Vladimir Putin’s Russia represents stability, prosperity, and conservatism – both in the moral and religious sense.

Those who have taken the time to understand Russia in a deeper sense, have realized and have come to understand that those who consider themselves conservative, Christians West have far more in common with Russians than some of their other ‘allies,’ like Saudi Arabia.

History shows that the Deep State does not want Orthodox Christian nations to succeed or prosper. We saw this with 3 devout, conservative nations – Russia, Serbia, and Greece. We saw it with the theft of Russian resources in the 1990s by corrupt, western-backed oligarchs, the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, and the current financial crisis in Greece. The same Deep State that is gunning for Donald Trump, is after Russia.

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