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Putin’s long game. Diplomacy is winning over Europe (Video)

Putin’s long game. Diplomacy is winning over Europe (Video)

Alex Christoforou with Peter Lavelle discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin’s long game diplomacy strategy.

Paul Craig Roberts notes…

I have explained Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Christian practice of turning the other cheek to Western provocations as a strategy to convey to Europe that Russia is reasonable but Washington is not and that Russia is not a threat to European interests and sovereignty but Washington is. By accommodating Israel and withdrawing from the multi-nation Iran nuclear-nonproliferation agreement, US President Donald Trump might have brought success to Putin’s strategy.

Is Putin’s diplomacy and statesmanship starting to win over America’s European vassal states?

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Video breaks up a bit during the middle portions due to some connection problems, but we powered through it and great content is delivered.

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