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Putin’s anti-terrorism committee backs Trump’s temporary visa ban

Russia supports all constructive measures in the war on terror, said the official representative of Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee Andrey Przhezdomskiy while commenting on the Executive Order of Donald Trump to temporarily restrict entrance to the US for citizens of 7 nations.

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“We welcome any constructive steps in this direction (the fight against terrorism). Any actions aimed at combating terrorism will be supported by Russia in full,” Przhezdomskiy noted, according to a RIA Novosti report.

The international war on terror, however, must be fought in a way that respects the democratic institutions, international laws, and sovereignty of individual states, he added.

Last week Donald Trump signed an Executive Order placing a 120-day hold on the admission of refugees. The Order also reduces the quota for the admission of refugees and limited the stay of nationals of 7 countries to 90 days.

The move was met with fierce resistance and hysteria from America’s liberal left, who seem to care very little about the country’s border security and favor the continuation of Clinton/Bush/Obama policies of simply bombing Muslim nations, causing the spread of terrorism and refugees.

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Meanwhile, Russia’s opinion on the subject of terrorism should be taken very seriously. The country arguably holds the world record for successful counterterrorism operations, both at home and abroad.

Situated in the heart of Eurasia, not far from terrorist-ridden and failed states of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, Russia has a long-standing history of combating terrorism. Having faced the horrors of unimaginable carnage, which dwarfs 9/11, Russia has been able to reduce the number of terrorist attacks on its soil to nearly zero, while also playing a decisive role in the war on terror abroad, particularly in Syria.

Having achieved security for itself and shown immense progress in Syria, Russia is the first go-to partner for any nations serious about combating terrorism, including the United States.

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