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Putin tells Chinese Press: Xi Jinping is the “only world leader I celebrated my birthday with” (Video)

Putin: China and Russia should work together on innovation.

On Friday, Russian president Vladimir Putin will visit China for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit.

This will be Putin’s second foreign trip this week. Ahead of the summit, the Russian President was asked by journalists whether he would be bringing any gifts for his Chinese counterpart…remember last time the two met, Putin brought Xi Jinping a box of Russian ice cream.

In preparation for the high level summit between the two leaders and allies, Shen Haixiong, president of the China Media Group, had an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin who talked about Russia-China relations, his personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other issues including North Korea and the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

This is a big meeting between two partners that are pushing the planet towards a multipolar world order.

Aside from guessing what gift Putin will bring Xi, the real story will be how Russia and China have formed a formidable alliance that rivals the hegemony of the US, and runs laps around the crumbling European Union.

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