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“Putin the tarantula!” House Democrats describe Russia’s President as deadly spider weaving web of evil

The stupidity of House Democrats continues to spiral out of control, as Russian hacker hysteria is leading to some very creative, and factually wrong, analogies.

In the video below, which took place during the highly politicized, complete waste of money, congressional hearing witch hunt to find any connection between Trump and Russia (still no evidence has been conjured up)…Democratic Representative Jackie Speier likened Russian President Vladimir Putin to a tarantula in “the middle of a spiderweb” who is “entrapping many people to do his bidding to engage with him.”

She also calls Russia’s “lack of evidence” election hacking fake news an “act of war!”

So what does Rep. Jackie Speier suggest the USA do in retaliation to an “act of war”?

America invaded Iraq over very “fake news” WMDs. Is Speier suggesting the same be done in the case of Russia? Is she suggesting an ICBM strike on Moscow?

Or is Speier simply holding water for Hillary Clinton? Is she trying to explain away the Democrats pathetic election loss? Is she working on behalf of the military industrial complex, or is she simply a paid a shill for the neo-nazi Ukrainian lobby?

Maybe Soros has her on the payroll…because during this congressional hearing with FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers, we saw an America represented by complete fools, many of who were calling for war with Russia, based on a made up Hillary Clinton campaign lie.

Instead of watching CNN and MSNBC, Speier is better served watching Animal Kingdom…tarantulas do not use webs to catch their prey. Another fake news lie exposed.

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