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Putin calls out aggressive NATO for trying to ‘destabilize Russia’ and ‘drag us into a confrontation’

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed senior members of the Russian intelligence agency (FSB) on Thursday, blasting NATO for its provocative and aggressive stance towards Russia.

According to RT, Putin said that NATO is a clear threat, with its “newly-declared official mission to deter Russia.”

“This is the goal behind the expansion of this military bloc. It happened before, but now they have found a new justification which they believe to be serious.”

“In fact, they are constantly provoking us, trying to drag us into a confrontation.”

Without Russia, NATO has no reason to exist, hence the “Russian aggression” marketing meme conjured up by the Obama Administration.

No NATO, means no big time money for the military industrial complex, and no corrupt kickbacks for the military higher ups, Brussels technocrats, and western government officials.

The sheer number of people shucking on the teat of NATO’s existence, means that Russia will continue to be demonized.

Russian President Putin is correct to point out that NATO is constantly trying to draw Russia into a confrontation.

Putin called out NATO for its regime change addiction, as members in the bloc are “continuing their efforts to interfere in our domestic affairs with the goal of destabilizing social and political order in Russia proper”

Putin added that foreign intelligence agencies continue intensive operations in Russia.

“In the past year 53 foreign intelligence operatives and 386 agents of foreign intelligence services have been busted,” he said.

The president also expressed regret over Russia and Western nations no longer coordinating efforts to fight against common enemies such as terrorist groups.

“It’s in everyone’s interest to resume dialogue between the intelligence agencies of the United States and other members of NATO,” Putin said

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