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The Profile of U.S. Citizens Killed By Police In 2016 [Chart]

Fallout from the fatal Dallas shootings last week continues. The left blames guns, the right blames violent protestors. Obama made another teary eyed speech from Warsaw after hearing the news in Dallas…where the POTUS was busy building up a violent, warmongering NATO bully right up to Russia’s borders.

As Obama was off installing trip wire, so as to create the dynamics for more war, the United States he governs is breaking down internally from hate and fear. Violence begets violence.

Obama’s eight year neo-liberal mission to destroy culture, religion, ethnicity and national identity is having harsh consequences the world over.

Back to Dallas…here is an interesting chart (courtesy of Statista), which shows U.S. citizens killed by police in 2016…broken down according to variety of parameters. Draw your own conclusions from the data provided below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. chartoftheday_5211_us_citizens_killed_by_police_2016_n

Statista has more on the breakdown of police shootings.

In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. The body count for the previous year stands at a grand total of 990 people shot dead, according to the Washington Post. As the below infographic shows, most of those killed by police are male and white. 123 of those shot were Black Americans. This is a relatively high share, keeping in mind that close to 13 percent of Americans belong to that ethnic group.

What’s also disturbing is that according to the data compiled by the Washington Post a big proportion of those killed obviously showed signs of mental illness. Of the 509 killed this year at least 124 were thought to be suffering from such conditions. Many of those killed carried guns according to police records. In at least 22 cases officers mistook toy guns for the real thing.


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