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President Vladimir Putin makes house call to congratulate his former KGB boss (Video)

President Vladimir Putin makes house call to congratulate his former KGB boss (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his former KGB colleagues visited an ex-East Germany station chief to wish their former boss well on his 90th birthday.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has personally congratulated ex-representative of the Soviet KGB under the Ministry of State Security of the GDR (East Germany,) Lazar Matveev, who was his boss during work in Dresden, on his 90th anniversary.

The Russian leader came to Matveev’s home on Moscow’s outskirts with former colleagues who worked with him in Dresden.

President Putin recalls that work in East Germany in the book “From the First Person.”

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“It was a job in political intelligence: getting information about politicians, about plans of a potential enemy.”

“Ordinary intelligence: recruiting sources of information, getting information, processing it and sending it to the center. It concerned information about political parties, trends within these parties, leaders — today’s and possible tomorrow’s, about promoting people to certain posts in parties and state apparatus. It was important to know who, how and what he does in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of interest, as well as how it [the ministry] is forming its policy on different issues in different parts of the world, or what the position of our partners in the disarmament negotiations will be, for example, it was quite a routine work.”

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