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President Trump tweets that “Crimea was TAKEN by Russia” and asks if “Obama too soft on Russia?”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, made it very clear during a morning press briefing that “Crimea is a territory of the Russian Federation”.

The Duran reported on Zakharova statement…

“We don’t give back our own territory.”

“Crimea is territory belonging to the Russian Federation.”

Following Sean Spicer’s ‘Russia walk back’ and capitulation to the neocon agenda, President Trump tweeted moments ago on the topic of Ukraine…

“Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?”

Is Trump sending out signals that he will be TOUGH on Russia?

Or is Trump just trying to get some breathing room on the entire neocon/neo-liberal Russia witch hunt?

One thing is certain, Crimea was not taken by Russia. It returned to Russia. And Obama was not soft on Russia, he was soft on the neocons and neo-liberal thugs like Soros who used Barack like a community organizer puppet.

What do you think?

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