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POTUS Trump: It’s “not looking good” for Robert Mueller (Video)

POTUS Trump: It’s “not looking good” for Robert Mueller (Video)

With scandals and corruption now hitting Robert Mueller and the FBI on a near daily basis, US President Trump is well within his right to finally call off the ridiculous “Russia collusion” investigation…but recent statements and tweets from the POTUS, points to a White House administration more than happy to let Mueller, and his liberal partisan staff, continue chasing Russia ghosts.

Zerohedge reports…

After a week of rumors, denials, whistleblowersbacklash, demands, threats, liesbias, and anti-bias surrounding Robert Mueller and his investigation, President Trump said Sunday that he is not considering firing the Special Counsel.

No, I’m not,” Trump told reporters, when asked if he intended to fire Mueller, according to Politico.

The president was returning to the White House from a weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat.

Trump’s allies complained this weekend about the way Mueller’s team went about obtaining from the presidential transition. Mueller’s spokesman Peter Carr said Sunday that the office had followed appropriate steps to obtain the transition emails. Pro-Trump lawmakers and pundits also have accused the special counsel’s office of bias after it was revealed that two FBI officials who previously served on Mueller’s team had exchanged anti-Trump text messages.

And while Trump said “I’m not,” Axios notes that he did criticize the fact that Mueller accessed “many tens of thousands” of emails from the presidential transition, saying it was “not looking good.”

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The Hill reports that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he has no reason to believe President Trump intends to fire special counsel Robert Mueller amid the ongoing investigation into Russia’s election interference.

Mnuchin argued that the ongoing probe is “a giant distraction” that needs to wrap up “quickly.”

“I don’t have any reason to think that the president is going to do that, but that’s obviously up to him,” Mnuchin told host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union,” adding that the topic did not arise when he dined with Trump and Vice President Pence on Saturday night.

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