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Poland’s FM doesn’t want an independent EU, prefers US hegemony

After an hour and a half meeting with the French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Poland’s Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski expressed his concerns regarding her plans for EU reform. According to Waszczykowski, Le Pen could lead the union to its collapse.

“She is committed to radical reform of the situation in Europe, radical reform of the EU. She would like to turn it (the EU) into a completely different structure, which would not be under the influence of neither Russia nor the United States,” Waszczykowski was quoted as saying according to a RIA Novosti report, which cited a European Commission website broadcast.

He went on to add that the implementation of such a plan is disadvantageous for Poland, as it involves turning the EU into a “free Union”. Waszczykowski, however, did not elaborate on what he meant by a “free Union” or why an independent EU is supposedly bad for Poland.

The Polish Foreign Minister also noted that Le Pen is in favor of “intelligent cooperation”, which, according to Waszczykowski, would lead to a departure from European solidarity. “It would mean that we would return, maybe not to the “law of the jungle”, but to significant competition in Europe.”

Again, it’s not clear as to why Waszczykowski prefers blind ideology-based solidarity to intelligent cooperation. He also failed to elaborate on what he sees wrong with healthy competition within Europe. And while it may be interesting to ask him about the advantages US dominance has brought to Poland and the EU over the last decade, it’s important to remember one thing – this is the same guy who talked about having meetings with officials from San Escobar, an imaginary country that exists only in his head.

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