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Poisoning hoax unravels: UK government BUSTED deleting tweet that blamed Russia (Video)

Boris Johnson set to be fall guy in massive UK poisoning hysteria and disinformation.

A complete embarrassment for Theresa May, Boris Johnson and the entire UK government.

A complete embarrassment for US and EU governments that went along with UK government lies, expelling Russian diplomats with zero evidence in the Skripal poisoning incident.

Who will take the fall in May’s fragile government and its strategic miscalculation…branding the poisoning hoax with the “Russia did it” mantra?

Zerohedge reports

It appears that either the British government can’t keep its lies and proof-less accusations straight or something far more nefarious is at play.

Following headlines (below) that British government scientists admitted they couldn’t tell where the poison – identified by the UK as A-234, also known as Novichok, used in the Salisbury poisoning of the Skripals – came from, undermining a number of claims to come out of Westminster, The UK Foreign Office denies claiming the nerve agent used in the Salisbury poisoning of the Skripals came directly from Russia, despite admitting it sent a tweet saying exactly that, and Boris Johnson making the same claim.

RT reports that Boris Johnson should have fallen on his sword long ago for the lies he helped propagate throughout this novichok poisoning incident. Video below…

The UK Foreign Office has admitted it deleted the tweet which directly stated that the nerve agent came direct from Russia.

London has directly accused the Kremlin on at least three occasions of being behind the chemical attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

As RT notesbizarrely, the Foreign Office denies Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claimed the novichock “categorically” came from Russia, despite a recorded interview clearly showing he did.

Zerohedge further notes that the Foreign Office has not yet deleted a tweet in which the UK’s ambassador to Russia, Laurie Bristow, reiterates the accusation of Moscow being behind the poisoning.

Jeremy Corbyn has said Johnson had “egg on his face” because his claims were not backed up by evidence.

Corbyn told Sky News…

“Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer. He claimed on German television that this was a Russian-produced nerve agent and Porton Down then examined it and said all they could identify it was as novichok. They couldn’t say where it came from, and the chemical weapons organisation is meeting to continue that discussion about where it goes from here. The Foreign Office then issued a tweet in support of what the foreign secretary said, and then removed that yesterday after Porton Down had said they couldn’t identify the source of it.”

RT reports

“The UK government’s narrative is falling apart and the public appears to be questioning the ‘official’ story,” Earl Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of the Eurasia Center told RT noting that the statements by May and Johnson only further place parties “into politically dangerous corners.”

“One would think based on the theatrics of UK politicians, that they are trying out for roles in the British-American spy drama, ‘Strike Back’ versus engaging in serious diplomacy and problem solving,” he said.

The UK Government has repeatedly blamed Russia and said the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will back them. However, Moscow denies all culpability. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said Britain would have to apologize to Russia for its “mad accusations”.

Britain has also convinced 28 other states to expel Russian diplomats with its claims. Johnson could also be in hot water after he denied making claims Russia was behind the attack.

The row between Russia and Britain is reaching boiling point as officials from the OPCW meet Russian representatives on Wednesday.

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