Playing both sides of the fence. Athens proposes new NATO airbase in Aegean. Wants deeper cooperation with Russia and China

Well which one is it Greece, NATO or Russia and China?

Much like its euro schizophrenia (Athens wants the euro without the euro austerity), Greece is having geo-political delusions of grandeur, positioning itself as allied to both NATO/US and Russia/China.

Eventually, as in Greece’s current debt crisis shows, Athens will be forced to chose one over the other…because in today’s East vs. West divide, you simply cannot have it both ways.

Via Ekathimerini…

In a speech before a conference in Athens organized by the Economist, Kammenos referred to a ministry study which takes into account Souda Bay base and the needs of NATO though he did not provide details about which island he had in mind to accommodate a new facility.

Noting that Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space during a recent visit by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias to Turkey, Kammenos said NATO should be aware about Turkey’s behavior. The presence of NATO forces and at the proposed base would help the alliance gain a full overview of Turkey’s behavior in the region, Kammenos said.

He added that “the further east and south” that the base is located “the better overview there will be and will help toward solving problems.

On the matter of negotiations, Kammenos said Greece would “have no other choice but to turn to other sources of financing” if creditors insist on “strangling” the country through liquidity restrictions. He said he was in favor of cooperation with China and Russia. “If they decide to remove Greece from the West, it will have to find its own way,” he said.


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