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Paul Joseph Watson destroys anti-Trump protestors in this epic video

Paul Joseph Watson posted the following video exposing the liberal left’s lies about the Trump victory protests that are taking place all across the streets of the United States.

All of the liberal progressive hypocrisy is now being laid bare for the world to witness.

“After weeks of taunting Trump supporters, over Trump’s suggestion that he might not immediately accept the election results, Hillary voters came together preached the message of unity and graciously accepted Donald Trump’s victory. Oh no, they actually rioted, attacked people in the street and threatened to kill Donald Trump and his supporters.”

“All year they denounced us as being hateful and intolerant. And what’s the first thing they do after the election?  Engage in rampant hateful intolerance.”

“Seriously, has anyone told you people you can’t change the outcome of democratic election by throwing a temper tantrum.”

“Your behavior is why Trump won in the first place.  Do you understand that yet?”

(Courtesy of Zerohedge). 

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