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PATHETIC: 30 people show up to Tim Kaine rally in Florida [Video]

One of her campaign slogans is “I’m with her”. Problem is when Hillary visits a city in America not many people come out to “be with her.”

Hillary’s campaign rallies have been anemic compared to Trump’s massive events. Hillary is lucky to get a couple hundred people in attendance to hear her speak…and we are certain that some of those in attendance may be at the Hillary event to see is she can make it through her speech without coughing or fainting.

Trump rallies pack people in by the thousands. Some Trump events have people lining up for up to 12 hours to get in the door.

When it comes to the candidates’ VP picks, Hillary’s choice, Tim Kaine, fairs no better than Clinton when it comes to attendance and enthusiasm.

In what can only be described as embarrassing, Tim Kaine’s recent West Palm Beach, Florida rally had a total of 30 people in attendance.

Trump VP pick, Mike Pence’s rally in Salisbury, North Carolina followed along the lines of a Trump rally, with hundreds and thousands in attendance.

Why are polls skewing towards Hillary? The crowds certainly paint a much different picture. If no one cares to come out and see the woman who might be POTUS, why are they even voting for her in the first place?

Love ’em or hate ’em…the Trump – Pence ticket is energizing the masses in ways Clinton – Kaine can only dream of.

Truthfeed asks the very same question

Have you ever heard of presidential candidate unable to fill countless high school gyms?


It’s absurd.

Yet, somehow, a woman and her VP sidekick, who no one comes out to support are the DYNAMIC DUP who will supposedly win in a LANDSLIDE.

Do you believe that BS?

No, me either.

In Florida today Trump drew a MASSIVE crowd – thousands of people – while Tim Kaine drew about 30.


30 people.

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