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Pampered Hollywood actress, Ashley Judd, has total meltdown during bizarre “tampon” rant at Women’s March

Ashely Judd talks about tampons and President Donald Trump.

If there was any doubt that the liberal left was in complete meltdown mode, then look no further than Hollywood actress Ashley Judd’s strange and perplexing speech at the liberal left religious gathering, otherwise known as the the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

While the entire corrupt main stream media is calling Judd’s speech “epic” and “brave”, we found it cuckoo and nutty.

Judd needs to chill out a bit, and let President Trump prove to America that he is worthy of the job he rightfully won. God knows Obama was an utter disappointment, and Hillary would have been a WW3 disaster.

We ask Mrs. Judd the same thing we asked Madonna in a previous post…

  • Where were was the outrage when Bill Clinton was killing Christian women and children in Serbia
  • Where was this outrage when Hillary Clinton was killing women and children in secular Libya?
  • Where was this outrage when Barack Obama was killing women and children in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and secular, liberal Syria…
  • All the while funding ISIS, a group that persecutes and kills gays, and wishes to impose Sharia Law.

We are not fooled by the likes of Judd, Madonna and Moore. They are shills, paid by the deep state to get on stage and “perform” in outrage of Trump’s presidency, so that the thousands of useful idiots in the crowd can continue to believe in the false idols of neo-liberalism.

Mark Dice adds…

Ashley Judd’s “Nasty Woman” speech at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. today is being celebrated by crazed feminists and beta males who cheered her on as she ranted about her period and for having to pay tax on tampons.

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