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Pamela Anderson has been flipped by Putin. Former Baywatch star says, “I would gladly have a Russian passport”

Not only has Putin successfully rigged the US election to place his Manchurian candidate, Donald Trump into the Oval Office…but it now looks like the ever powerful, and equally weak (according to Barack Obama) Russian President has successfully lured former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson towards the dark side.

TASS News Agency reports

Hollywood star and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson said on Friday she could be interested in obtaining Russian citizenship.

Pamela Anderson is an active member of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

During a TASS news conference Anderson had this to say about Russia…

“I have a Canadian passport and an American passport. I would gladly have a Russian passport. It would be easier to get here.”

“I love Russia.”

“I may have very strong connections with Russia. My mom is a little bit Russian, I guess, generations ago. So I feel a connection to the culture and people I think that Russians really get things done.”

Should Anderson receive a Russian passport, then she would be joining a growing list of celebrities and professional athletes who have been compromised by Kremlin propaganda, and pledged their allegiance to a country Obama recently described as (and I paraphrase) — ‘a small country, a weak country, a country that does not produce anything that anybody wants to buy.’

In November Russian president Vladimir Putin granted Russian citizenship to Hollywood star Steven Seagal. Other foreign celebrities who recently got Russian passports are French movie star Gerard Depardieu, US boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. and US mixed martial arts expert Jeff Monson.

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