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Oliver Stone Says Pokémon Go, “New Level of Invasion” of Privacy. Leads To “Totalitarianism”

Oliver Stone Says Pokémon Go, “New Level of Invasion” of Privacy. Leads To “Totalitarianism”

Oliver Stone has a history of taking on the establishment, and questioning historical and social narratives that society has been conditioned to accept as truth.

While promoting his new movie about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden at Comic-Con International, the hollywood filmmaker was asked about security concerns associated with Pokémon Go.

Stone noted that companies were actually using the game to carry out “surveillance capitalism” by monitoring people’s behaviour.

Stone said…

“It’s not funny. What’s happening is a new level of invasion.

“The profits are enormous here for places like Google. They’ve invested a huge amount of money in data mining what you are buying, what you like, your behaviour.

“It’s what some people call surveillance capitalism.”

The Guardian reports…

Pokémon Go, which is free to download, has faced criticism over claims it could access a player’s entire Google account, including email and passwords.

The app’s makers, Niantic, insisted the move was unintentional and reassured users it was not collecting any exceptional data.

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Stone was joined at the Comic-Con panel by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Edward Snowden in the upcoming film and visited the former NSA analyst in Moscow where he is in exile.

Stone, who won a best director Oscar for Platoon, claimed every major movie studio turned down his new film, forcing him to find finance in France and Germany.

The film, Snowden, is due to be released in the US on 16 September.

Here is Stone’s new Snowden movie, as previewed at Comic Con (2016)


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