Oliver Stone debuts Showtime documentary “The Putin Interviews”

The Putin Interviews marks the first time any Westerner has spoken as such length with the Russian President.

Oliver Stone is set to weigh in on America’s Russian hysteria and Putin paranoia with a four-hour documentary titled “The Putin Interviews.”

The film debuts in the U.S. on Showtime next month, with Stone heading to Cannes to privately screen footage and discuss the project with distributors.

Deadline reports (with a sprinkle of “meddling” wordplay propaganda added for good measure)…

Aided by his longtime documentary producer Fernando Sulichin, Oscar-winning writer and director Stone spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a series of interviews over the course of two years, with the most recent interview taking place this past February following Donald Trump’s inauguration. Throughout the documentary, the Russian ruler discusses Trump, Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election as well as topics such as NATO and turmoil in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere. Putin, who became President of Russia in 2000, also touches on his relationships with former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barak Obama.

The project is a real coup for Stone as The Putin Interviews marks the first time any Westerner has spoken as such length with the Russian President since he came into office. Interview sessions were held throughout the Kremlin, Sochi and Putin’s official residence outside of Moscow and no topics were judged off limits.

Sulichin and Stone produce with New Element Media and Rob Wilson. Showtime is set to debut The Putin Interviews over four consecutive nights starting on Monday, June 12 at 9 PM.

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