Of course they got paid. Video shows “Kolomoisky-sponsored” people paying protestors 50 hryvnia to demonstrate in front of Rada

All color revolutions and regime change operations are paid for events.

None, I repeat, none of these people standing in city squares for weeks on end are doing it for free…and they are not doing it for the love of democracy, or the hate of corruption.

It’s all staged, planned, and paid for. Vicky Nuland admitted that the US State Department sunk $5 billion into regime change in Ukraine (Google it). Soros has invested much more via NGOs to organise the Maidan (Google it).

In today’s world, being a protestor is a part-time (sometimes full-time) job.

Send your CV to the CIA, US State Department, or in rare cases like yesterday’s Ukraine parliament riot, oligarchs, like Ihor Kolomoisky, are getting in on the color revolution business. We guess you can send your CV to PrivatBank, which appears to handle all of Kolomoisky’s ‘other’ activities.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

A video has appeared on the internet showing a group of people paying protesters money to demonstrate in front of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament).

In addition to money being handed out, there were also t-shirts distributed with labels and logos, some of which read “Ukrop”, website reported.

The journalists also managed to film how the protestors who came to the building of the Ukrainian parliament were handed flags of the Kolomoisky-sponsored party.

Ihor Kolomoisky, the former governor of Dnipropetrovsk, is one of Ukraine’s richest tycoons with a business empire that includes holdings in the energy, media, aviation, chemical and metalwork industries. Moreover, the notorious oligarch sponsors Azov radical battalion, which fights in Donbass. Media, including Western newspapers, have persistently published facts proving that the Azov battalion comprises far-right extremists.

According to some reports, the protesters received 50 hryvnia per hour for their presence at the demonstration.

Riots in front of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the center of Kiev began on August 31. The protesters tried to storm the parliament building, which is protected by the Special Forces. The protesters threw a grenade at the forces.

Some 100 people were wounded in the clashes. According to Internal Minister Arsen Avakov’s adviser Anton Gerashenko, a National Guard soldier died from shrapnel wounds to the chest.


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ME Janssen
ME Janssen
September 1, 2015

Is that just to hold a flag and shout? Do you get extra if you swing a rubber hose at a policeman? How much did that guy get paid for throwing a grenade? I wonder if there is a schedule of rates.

Putin calls the US ISIS bluff. Moves Russian forces into Syria to also help fight the fake caliphate?

As long as Brussels continues to support US/NATO chaos creation, Europe’s migrant problem is only going to get worse