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Obama signs US defence spending bill, arming Al Qaeda-ISIS in Syria. Maria Zakharova calls it a “hostile act”

More Obama mischief, as the puppet president on his way out of office is doing his very best to hand Donald Trump a world in chaos and conflict…and that chaotic world begins with Syria.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova lashed out at the Obama administration, saying the policy change that eases restrictions on weapons supplies to “moderate rebels” (aka Al Qaeda-ISIS) outlined in the new US defence spending bill, opens the way for deliveries of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

Obama’s latest, and perhaps last, diabolical move to keep the Syrian war alive after he leaves office, directly threatens Russian forces in Syria. Zakharova stated that Moscow regarded the step as a hostile act.

Zakharova said in a statement…

“In the administration of B. Obama they must understand that any weapons handed over will quickly end up in the hands of jihadists with whom the sham ‘moderate’ opposition have long acted jointly.”

“Such a decision is a direct threat to the Russian air force, to other Russian military personnel, and to our embassy in Syria, which has come under fire more than once. We therefore view the step as a hostile one.”

Reuter further adds

U.S. President Barack Obama signed the annual defence policy bill into law last week.

Zakharova accused the Obama administration of trying to “put a mine” under the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump by attempting to get it to continue what she called Washington’s “anti-Russian line.”

During his election campaign, Trump said he was keen to try to improve relations with Moscow and spoke positively about President Vladimir Putin’s leadership skills.

A back-and-forth exchange between Trump and Putin over nuclear weapons last week tested the Republican’s promises to improve relations with Russia.

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