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Obama is a “f**kin liar” and U.S. is “inflicting human suffering in Syria” – Jimmy Dore exposes media lies

President Barack Obama offers three hilarious reasons for why the US is involved in Syria…and Jimmy Dore exposes Obama for the “f**kin liar” that he is.

Jimmy Dore completely destroys the three lies used by Obama, in a last ditch effort for the outgoing President to explain America’s Syria policy…the one that has Obama funding and arming ISIS-Al Qaeda in order to overthrow a secular government.

“We are in Syria at the behest of fossil fuels, so don’t make any mistake. And we are there at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

“Let’s say we get rid of Assad. Who are we going to put in his place…ISIS?”

The video is below. It needs to be watched, listened to, and shared far and wide.

Dore outlines Obama’s vicious, and deadly incursion into Syria, using Wahhabi radical jihadists to remove a sovereign government.

“The only one that wants to do it [bomb Syria] less…Trump.” 

A stunning, refreshingly honest revelation from a progressive comedian, and political commentator.

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