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“Non-state Violent Actors”: John Kerry A/B Tests Obama’s New Term For ‘Terrorist’ [Video]

“Non-state Violent Actors”: John Kerry A/B Tests Obama’s New Term For ‘Terrorist’ [Video]

John Kerry of course condemned the ‘daily fare’ of violence after the Istanbul, Turkey suicide attack….which was attributed to ISIS…which the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were actively funding and training, in order to overthrow Assad…up until Putin decided to put an end to the tragic comedy of it all, and bomb ISIS back to Riyadh.

In this bizarre video, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry cannot bring himself to say ISIS, radical islam, Al Qaeda or Al Nusra “terrorists”. Kerry instead floated the term “non-state violent actors” when describing terrorism attributed to radical islam, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The attack, at Istanbul’s main international airport, killed 28 people, the provincial governor was quoted as saying by NTV news channel, raising the initial death toll from 10.

We will leave readers to decipher what exactly a “non-state violent actor” is? How Obama plans on eradicating the world of these “non-state violent actors” is anyone’s guess.

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